Company PSV Technologies, LLC provides engineering services and deliveries of imported and Russian high-tech equipment for the leading research centers, industry enterprises and educational institutions. The member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation from year 2015.

We have established direct distribution relationships with number of Russian and foreign manufacturers of industrial equipment, scientific instruments, software and consumables.

We offer in Russian market:

Coordinate measuring machines,

Systems to verify the accuracy and calibration of coordinate measuring machines,

Magnetic, optical and laser encoders,

Laser melting and metal casting machines,

Forging equipment,

Industrial cooling systems (chillers),

Nondestructive control & testing Systems,

Cryogenic and cryo-free research instrumentation systems,

Power electronics,

Consumables etc.



We provide:


Services for testing procedures and issuing of Certificates and Declarations of conformity in accord to the regulations of Customs Union (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan), services for export and import activities, including markets analysis, perfect choice of manufactures, feasibility studies, pre-contract preparations, integrated support of foreign trade contracts, agency and representation services to promote products on the Russian market.


Management of our company has almost three decades of experience (including foreign) on the organization of the supply of imported high-tech equipment for the needs of research, educational and industrial organizations.

Our goal is basing upon professional analysis of commodity Markets to help Customers precisely select equipment matching their tasks, to provide support for the project from the feasibility study to the delivery, installation, training, commissioning, as well as warranty and post-warranty maintenance and support of the supplied equipment.


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Business Center «AMVP», office 413

Moscow 107023 Russia

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